How to download aadhar card by name and Date of birth 2018

Aadhar card is issued to the residents of India by UIDAI. It serves as an identity proof and its linkage helps in eliminating frauds and helps the government to serve better with their welfare schemes. Once you applied for aadhar card whether in online or offline you will get Enrollment number to check your status if you lost the enrollment number you can also check aadhar card status using your name and date of birth. Once your card has been approved you can download aadhar card by Enrollment Id or also with the help of name and date of birth.


These are the things you need to have in your hand before starting the process. All these details should be same as the details that you had given during the aadhar enrollment and all these details are mandatory to download your aadhar card. All the letters are case sensitive make sure while filling the details.

Name:  Your Full Name and it should be in same format with the name you provided during the registration.

Email or Mobile Number: Your Email or Mobile Number and should have any one of the these because an OTP is sent to them during the process for verification. If you do not have both of these then you have to go to the nearest aadhar enrollment center to get registered and you don’t have to provide any documents for this.

PIN Code: PIN code of the address that you had provided during the registration.


Okay, let’s start the process. Download your aadhar card online by name and date of birth consists of two steps. The process we are going to demonstrate is an online process and you can do this process to download your aadhar card online by using name and date of birth from your Personal Laptop or using your Mobile phone without going anywhere.

  1. Retrieving your Enrollment ID or Aadhar UID by using your Name and date of birth.
  2. Download Aadhar card

Below I will show you the two processes step-by-step. If you got any trouble please leave a comment so I can help you.

 Retrieving your Enrollment ID or Aadhar UID by using your Name and date of birth:

Step 1: Go to this link

Step2: In the left side, you have to specify which one you want to retrieve, Select Enrollment Id.

Step3: In the Middle of the page you will see the personal details, fill all the details Full Name should be the same format that you provided during the registration process. Email/Mobile Number any one of these are mandatory.

step4: After filling the details. Enter the security code that you see in the image if you feel it is too difficult to read the code then feel free to try another button below to get a new code.

Step5: Hit Snd OTP button. An OTP has been sent to your Email/Mobile Number that you had given above.

Step6: Enter the OTP on the right side and click verify OTP.

Step7: You will receive the Aadhar number to your Mobile/EMail.

Step8: if you did all the steps correctly you will receive Aadhar number or enrollment id as your optioned in step 2. If you optioned Enrollment ID, you will receive Enrollment ID to your registered Mobile Number/Email. If you received successfully then you have completed these phase, now go to next phase.

Download Aadhaar Card by Name and Date of Birth

Download Aadhaar Card by Name and Date of Birth

Downloading Aadhar card Using Enrollment ID:

Well!, you have got your Enrollment Now start this phase.

step1: Go to the website.

step2: Now select I have Enrollment ID  

step3: Fill the form with your details in the correct format that you provided during the aadhar enrollment. All the details are mandatory. In Enter security code field enter the text that you see in the beside image, in case if you find difficult to read then you can try another text by clicking the Try Another Button.

step4: Enter the security code from the image box.

step5: If you have m-aadhar app on your mobile phone you can request for TOTP and you don’t need your mobile phone if you have this. if you don’t know about TOTP don’t check TOTP box,  then you will receive OTP  to your registered Mobile Number.

Step6: click Request OTP button.

Step7: you will receive a 6 digit OTP to your registered Mobile Number.

step8: Enter the above OTP in the ENTER OTP FIELD and click Download Aadhar button.


Great your aadhar card in PDF format with password protected will be downloaded. The password may be your PIN code or your last 4 digits of the last name with your date of the birth year. Once see the below example how a sample Password will look like.


Year of Birth: 1996
Password: NAVE1996



Here is the video that could take you through step by step to download your aadhar card by using name and date of birth.


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