Check aadhar card status by name and date of birth 2018

If you are here it means that you’re searching for the status of your applied Aadhar card status by name and date of birth. Well, In this article we will show you the Process and step-by-step guide where you can follow and look at your aadhar card status.

Before that have a brief look at about the Aadhar card. Aadhar is the Unique identification card that is issued to the citizens of India. It is the largest biometric system associated identity card in the world. It was introduced in 2009 from that point of time its use cases increases. You can Apply for aadhar card through online or visit your nearest Enrollment center. Aadhar Linkage makes the KYC process simple and eliminates the frauds. UIDAI is the statutory authority that manages and operates the aadhar cards in india.

They are many advantages  of having a aadhar card you read the below article to know more.

Top 9 advantages of having a Aadhar card in India

Day-by-day UIDAI is becoming better and better and facilitating all the operations such as enrollments/updations/modifications/status checking online without physically visiting to the regional Enrollment center.

Once you applied you can check your aadhar card through Enrollment ID, in another case if you lost your Enrollment ID the UIDAI facilitates the option to retrieve that Enrollment ID by using Name, Email, and Mobile Number very easily, I think after reading the previous sentence you will feel free because this feature reduces the strain on you and you can retrieve your enrollment ID in a matter of minutes.

so let’s get started. Basically this process consist of two phases first you have to retrieve the enrollment ID using your details and second, you can check your aadhar status with that enrollment ID.

Requirements for retrieving your Enrollment Id:

Name: Full Name in the format that you had given during the enrollment. You can refer any of the proofs that you had submitted during the enrollment.

You also need to have registered Email ID or Mobile Number(any one of this will be enough). If you don’t have your registered mobile number then you no need to worry UIDAI have always have alternate options.

Email: You can use this to can get the OTP or alternatively you can use your Mobile Number.

Mobile Number: OTP message is sent to both the Mobile number and the email ID. You don’t need to worry if you lost any one of these.

Retrieving Enrollment ID using Name, email and Phone Number:

  1. Go to this  official website.
  2. You should fill all the details this includes your Full name, Registered Mobile Number which you have declared during your enrollment, and your Email Id. All these fields are mandatory.
  3. Enter the Captcha code that you see in the image and click send OTP button.
  4. A One time Password will be Sent to your Registered mobile and you have to enter this OTP and click Verify OTP button.
  5. As soon as you complete this step your Enrollment ID will be sent to the registered Mobile number or to your Email.

If you follow all the steps along with me, you have retrieved your Enrollment ID successfully. Now we move to phase two process.Aadhar Card Status by Name and Date of Birth

Checking aadhar card status using Enrollment Id:

  1. Go to this URL Aadhar enrollement
  2. Fill your first 14 digit Enrollment ID and the 14 digit timestamp in dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss format. This 28 digits combinely forms your Enrollment Id.
  3. Now Enter the text shown in the image and hit enter, if you cant able to read or view the text in the box then Click Try another option which is shown below the image and this generates new text in the Image box.
  4. Now you will see the Status of your aadhar card.

If you had followed the above steps carefully then you Checked your aadhar card status by using name and date of birth successfully.

Checking aadhar card status from the registered Mobile Number:

If you don’t have internet connection then don’t worry because another alternative method also there for checking  your aadhar card status with the help of your registered mobile number.

  1. You need to send a Text message to UIDAI from the Mobile Number that you have given during the Enrollment of your aadhar card.
  2. Message format should be in the below format < UID STATUS > 
  3. Send this message to 51969 number.
  4. Once you sent the message then you will receive your status details shortly to this number.

Checking aadhar status by calling the toll-free Number:

Even if you can’t able to follow the above two process there is also another way for checking your status by calling the toll-free number. Let’s see how to do it.

UIDAI Provides the toll-free number that means this call is of free of cost. Call to this Number 1800-300-1947 and can check your aadhar enrollment status.

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